How Do You Know Which Is the Best Heart Rate Monitor?

The best heart rate monitor will actually vary based on the individual’s needs. However there are a few common essential requirements. The best heart rate monitor must register the rate of your heart beat during exercise. If your focus is on staying within a certain range during your workout, then these devices are extremely helpful, but they must be accurate.

There are several types of heart rate monitors. You need to decide if you want to have the strapless or the strap model type. The strapped models utilize a chest strap that is similar to the ones that are used on an EKG.  Although these are the most complicated and they also tend to be the least comfortable, but are also typically the most accurate. However, if the strap doesn’t maintain proper contact with the body, then you may get inaccurate readings. The strapless types also need some type of receiver such as a monitor or watch that receives the information that is being accumulated by the sensors.

The strapless model is placed on your wrist and is similar to a watch.  This type relies on the pulse rate for your heart beat readings.  These are convenient and lightweight, but they also have their limitations. You have to press a sensor in order to get your reading, and depending on the type of workout this may or may not be convenient.

Whichever way you decide on; whether you go with the strap or the strapless type of heart rate monitor. One thing that they do have in common is that they allow you to get the most out of your workout. The best heart rate monitor will be the one that you’ll consistently wear and will provide you with the adequate information that you need in order to maintain the proper levels of intensity in your workout routines.

If you happen to be a professional athlete, then you will probably need to have the most advanced technology in order for you to achieve your potential. And, your competitors will all be using the best heart rate monitor devices available to maximize their workout efforts. So, you will also need to have a technologically advanced model. However, if you are just using exercise to help you keep fit and healthy, then the best health rate monitor for you could be a less advanced model. You probably just need one that you can quickly glance at to tell you the current heart rate.

To purchase the best heart rate monitor you should first decide on exactly the type that you like and what features it is that you need. Some of these features can include alarms to indicate that you’re not in your target zone for heartbeats, a calorie burning calculator, and an actual watch to know time. The key to finding the best heart rate monitor is selecting the one that will allow you to determine the appropriate level of intensity so that your workout will be the most effective.

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