Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Product Name:Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch
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The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor watch is a smart looking wrist-worn computer for running athletes. It incorporates a heart rate monitor to help you train at a rate and intensity that is optimum for you. It can also work out a personal training zone, which gives you upper and lower tolerance levels to stay within for maximum benefit to you. The Polar S1 foot pod and G1 GPS sensor can be obtained separately and can be used with the Polar RS300X for even greater functionality.

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The Polar RS300X has a number of useful features. The Polar OwnCal function can display the energy you expend in any training session, or an accumulation of your expenditure over a number of sessions. This can be helpful in calculating and adjusting for both short term and long term training goals.

Compatible With the Polar S1 Foot Pod and G1 GPS Sensor

The Polar RS300X can be extended in functionality through Polar’s own S1 foot pod and its G1 GPS sensor. It operates as an extremely useful device as it stands, of course, but if you are truly serious about your fitness training, these additions can enable the Polar RS300X to really come into its own.

Review Your Past 16 Workout Files for Better Analysis

The Polar RS300X lets you analyze your past 16 training sessions for a much more rounded picture of where you stand. You can use this feature to see for yourself what progress you are making, or otherwise. It will help you pinpoint the areas you need to work more on, for example, and let you know when you are on target for achieving your goals.

Features and Specifications

  • The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor watch is an easy-to-use wrist-worn heart rate monitor and training computer.
  • It provides data about your heart rate, your running speed, the distance you travel, your pace of travel, and the burn rate of calories in your body.
  • It can track the latest 16 training sessions you have had, and the previous 16 weeks you have spent in training.
  • It has an OwnZone feature to provide customized zone training by either heart rate or pace of travel.
  • It has a fitness test feature.
  • It has an auto lap split function.
  • The Polar WearLink+ 31 coded transmitter is included.
  • The Polar RS300X is compatible with the S1 foot pod and G1 GPS Sensor.
  • It measures 2 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch in dimension.
  • It weighs 9.6 ounces.
  • It has an Amazon shipping weight of 10.4 ounces.
  • At the time of writing, the Polar RS300X can only be shipped through Amazon within the USA and to APO/FPO addresses.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 48 customer reviews on Amazon for the Polar RS300X at the time of writing. On average, they have scored this product a healthy 4.1 out of 5 stars.

One customer noted, “I found is that the reception range is not very good.” This would indeed be a problem, but no one else seems to think it is so. In fact, other customers have said, “Would definitely recommend,” and, “…it’s a very good value,” and, “…has all the features I need for training and racing long distances.” I therefore have no difficulty in recommending the Polar RS300X.

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