Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Product Name:Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Imagine walking into the gym, adjusting the settings on your favorite workout machine, and your monitoring wristband follows suit without even the touch of a button. Well, with the Polar FT7, you don’t have to simply imagine anymore.


Top Features:

·         Connects with compatible gym equipment using Gym Link technology

·         Creates workout suggestions based off of your set fitness goals

·         Has heart rate chest strap that uniquely adapts to fit your distinct body type

·         Calorie tracker, pedometer, and heart monitor technology

·         Completely water resistant and syncs to most devices

This is certainly a heart monitor that is set apart in a terrific way as it encompasses the Gym Link technology. The Gym Link technology enables this to automatically sync up with any piece of gym equipment that is Gym Link compatible. More and more modern pieces of gym equipment do have this feature built into them, so this is certainly a convenient feature.  The Polar FT7 also has a chest strap to ensure the most accurate data recording, especially in terms of your heart rate. This strap can fit virtually any size and shape of body, and it does not stretch out over time, so this is an investment that you can watch shrink or bulk up with you. This is completely water-resistant so that it can be taken on your swimming laps or the shower.  In addition to these wonderful features, the Polar FT7 Heart Monitor syncs with essentially any type of device and can help you create different workout plans to meet your precise fitness goals. On the app, it also provides suggestions for what type of exercise you should be performing based off of these completely customizable and changeable goals that the user sets. It has a pedometer, calorie tracker, and LED backlight for lower lighted environments.

Are There any Downsides?

While this heart monitor band is truly the total package, the only thing that the Polar FT7 doesn’t do is monitor sleep patterns in the manner that some other types of monitor wristbands do. While this is more of a buyer’s preference, I believe that the rest of the features on this device definitely compensate for that with its’ workout plans, age-suggested workout goals, and the like.

What is Included With this Heart Monitor?

Customers will receive one Polar FT7 Heart Monitor, one chest band, one user replaceable battery, a digitalized instruction manual, and one USB cable for charging or syncing to a device.


Would you Recommend this Product?

The Polar FT7 is one of the very best heart monitors on the market today. This is chock full of plenty of different types of attributes. The pulse monitoring is so accurate; it has even been considered to have medical grade accuracy.  We all know that a step taken is still a step counted, and this heart rate monitor is no exception to being a utilization of that phrase with its’ on point pedometer, which is perfect for anyone who commutes by foot to and from work or other business ventures, is trying to increase their daily foot mileage, or who may just be merely curious about how many steps are taken in an average day for them. It eases technological anxiety by being entirely waterproof in almost 100 feet or 30 meters worth of water, and that in itself is definitely a feat for modern heart rate monitors. This elegant yet tough heart monitor band is truly for anyone who is dedicated to improving their total self with fitness first, but also needs something to withstand the situations that daily life present us with.


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