Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Product Name:Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is stark in color as well as it’s durable, unique design, this heart rate monitor can be a fun yet extremely useful device to liven up any type of workout.

Top Features:

·         Compatible with Gym Link accessible gym equipment

·         Smart calorie feature included

·         Provides a continuous heart rate record

·         Works exactly the same even when submerged in water

·         Chest strap included for added heart rate monitoring

As long as this unit is strapped around your wrist as well as your body with the body adaptable chest strap, it is going to always present you with your real time heart rate. The body adaptable chest strap is constructed with a patented material that never gets blown out over time. The display shows this heart rate at all times, but additionally, it also shows you if you are in the correct zone for the activity in which you are engaging in. After you’ve completed your workout, sync this heart rate monitor wristband up to the app or your computer to read it’s comprehensive results and suggestions about the workout you’ve just completed.

Even if the Polar FT4 gets completely submerged into water for up to thirty meters (which is almost one hundred feet!), it still functions properly and remains stable.  The smart calorie feature included in this neat device enables you to set your calorie intake or calorie burning goal and it will let you know when you are near this goal, at it, or have surpassed it with either vibration or an alarm sound, depending on your preference.

The battery life on this is also something worth talking about. At having the Polar FT4 powered up for thirty minutes per day, seven days per week, the lithium ion battery nestled within can last up to twelve entire months after one complete charging session. This heart rate monitor also automatically links up with Gym Link capable gym equipment for a more convenient and user-friendly workout.

Are There any Downsides?

While this is a completely accurate and wonderful heart rate monitor, this does not track steps or sleeping patterns. It simply collects and lets you view data about your heart rate, calorie intake or shedding, and the goals in which you have set for yourself as well as the proper zone your heart should be in. With the rest of the amazing data collection and other wonderful features, step tracking is something that would most likely be hardly missed at all.

What is Included With this Heart Rate Monitor?

New owners of the Polar FT4 will receive one user manual, one USB cable for charging or syncing to a device, one and one Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor wristband.


Would you Recommend this Product?

I am a huge advocate for this heart rate monitor wristband. I would definitely recommend this device to literally everyone who works out or is athletic in any way.

It’s extremely effortless in terms of setup as well as customizing and syncing, and anybody who has a grasp of how to maneuver the most basic of smart phones will definitely be able to work easily with this product.

I believe that the battery life alone sets this one apart from many others, and the best part about the battery is that it is entirely able to be changed by the user if the need were to ever arise.

The color itself also allows you to still wear it even during your downtime as a quirky accessory as when you’re not exerting any physical energy.

The reason for this is that the time and date still show on the face of this heart rate monitor, just the same as any smart watch or analog watch.

The chest strap is also incredibly comfortable and minimal enough to wear underneath any type of attire.

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