AOKII Heart Rate Monitor

Product Name:AOKII Heart Rate Monitor
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AOKII Heart Rate Monitor, Wireless Fitness Tracker, Sport Wristband with Multi-Functions Activity Smart Bracelet Pedometer Watch

The AOKII heart rate monitor is not only elegant in appearance, powered with smart technology, and incredibly mindful of your health, but it still lets you know when you’ve received a call or a text.

Top Features:

·         See your heart rate on your phone as well as your wristband device

·         Automatically updates every fifteen minutes

·         Complete with vibrating alarm and tracker in the case of lost wristband

·         Calendar, text, and call notifications

·         Sleep pattern tracking

·         Bluetooth compatible.

The AOKII Heart Rate Monitor is sporty and stylish all rolled into one neat and smart package. While this is a rather slim wristband, never fear if you happen to misplace it again. This device has a tracker on it that syncs with your phone if you find yourself in that situation.  The AOKII Heart Rate Monitor also notifies you with calendar, phonecall, and text alerts, so you can be sure that you’ll stay on track with everything else that you need to get done.  Additionally, it tracks your sleep patterns, noting when you’re in a light sleep state, deep sleep, or REM sleep. This also updates every fifteen minutes, even through inactivity, so you can be sure that a single thing will not go un-noted when you check out your own stats on the app that is downloadable on over 200 types of devices. The battery lasts seven days when recently and completely charged as well. When the device is in standby mode, it conveniently displays the time, battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity or disconnection. The AOKII Heart Rate Monitor is also entirely waterproof to enable you to take it with you on any type of venture.

Are There any Downsides?

The only downside that I can perhaps see with this heart monitor wristband is it does not have interchangeable straps to match your workout ensemble. However, black is an incredibly neutral shade and can mesh well with virtually any other color, and this is simply a wristband rather than a top or a pair of shoes, so this may not be too big of a deal for most.

What is Included With this Heart Rate Monitor?

Customers will receive one user manual, one USB cable for syncing to a device or charging, and one AOKII Heart Rate Monitor wristband.

Would you Recommend this Product?

I absolutely would. With all of the technology packed neatly into this little device, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys customizing their workout experience as well as having new and fresh ways of reading the data that this heart rate monitor records. With an astounding length of battery life, you’ll never have to worry about it powering down at the worst time. This is also something that may even be fit for children who are into athletics and exercise as the tracking feature ascertains that it will never be lost. The waterproof manufacturing also enables users to be able to take this along for an open swim or a boating ride, but it will be unaffected entirely if you happen to leave it on while doing the dishes.



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