Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor?

It is important for individuals to ensure a safe exercise workout by choosing the appropriate apparel and fitness equipment. Examples would be walking or running shoes that offer comfort and good stability. However, one of the most important pieces of equipment that an individual that exercises should acquire is a heart rate monitor. This is especially vital if you’re an older adult, pregnant, or have certain health problems.


A heart rate monitor is a device that will track the rate of heartbeats and provide you with valuable health information. Some of these monitors will simply inform you of your heart beats per minute, while others track a wealth of information. However, you should be aware that a heart rate monitor will not always be hundred percent accurate, but they will provide you with an excellent indication of the state of your health over a period of time so that you can easily compare and track your fitness progress.

Using one while exercising can also help you get consistent and accurate readings on how hard you’re working. Walking, for example, is an economical and convenient way to build consistency and be physically active. And, when you increase your distance you can reap even more rewards for this type of exercise.

Another way would be to add intervals or high intensity into the routine. This can be done by increasing the speed for a short length of time, then going back to the regular pace. You then repeat the interval or find obstacles such as steps or hills that force you to exercise harder.

A heart rate monitor is a great tool for tracking the intensity of your workouts by determining your heart rate per minute.  When your body adjusts to the new challenge of the walking or aerobic routine then your heart rate won’t reach the same level of intensity as it previously did. If you wear a heart rate monitor, then you can continue to challenge yourself with workouts that target the ideal levels of intensity. Generally, those intensity levels should be approximately 65% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. These target rates do depend on your cardiovascular conditioning and also the state of your health as well as your age.

Physical activity of any type is important to a person’s well-being and overall health. A heart rate monitor can help you by motivating you to exercise efficiently. These devices have become quite popular, especially since their prices have come down in the past few years. The advanced technology that once was very expensive is now available even in the most basic models. There are still expensive types of heart rate monitors that are actually fitness computers.

By wearing a heart rate monitor watch when exercising it’s not unusual to actually workout with less intensity and still get the same results by just monitoring your heart rate during your exercise workout and adjusting accordingly. In this manner you can remain at your target heart rate and achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

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